November Early Voting Begins!

Early Voting Texas Harris County

Early voting begins Monday morning across the state of Texas.

In Harris County, a registered voter can vote at any of the county’s 41 early voting locations. You can view the complete list here. The polls open at 8:30am, so please get out there and cast your ballot.

You will need to present an ID, so please take that with you. You know what else you should take with you? Friends, neighbors, co-workers…anyone registered to vote. Please be sure to suggest to them “Chris Carmona for Texas State Representative, District 148.”

Once you’ve voted, please tweet us at @CarmonaForTexas or tag us in a note on Facebook.

We also have lots of yard signs, each is in need of a nice home for the next 15 days. Please email us at to request a sign, or fill out the easy form on our website.

Thank you again for all you do!

Sales Tax Holiday Weekend Is Here!

Texas Sales Tax Holiday

In your free time this weekend (ie, when you’re not out block walking with me, HINT HINT), be sure to take advantage of the the Texas Sales Tax Holiday. The Texas Comptroller’s website has complete details with everything you need to know. This is a great weekend for families to save quite a bit of money.

Be sure to let me know how much you saved!


Happy Texas Independence Day

As Texas celebrates its 178th year of Independence, let’s not forget those who gave all, because they chose to do so. They chose something bigger than themselves. They gave up their lives, because stopping tyranny was preferable to living under the dictate of another.

Take a moment today. Say a prayer. Meditate. Observe a moment of silence. If you have kids, share the Texas miracle with them. Most importantly, keep fighting. Never stop. The modern day proponents of tyranny are on the move and they never stop, so we can’t stop either.

Early Voting Begins Today

As citizens in this great Republic of Texas and the United States, we have the right to decide the future of our communities, via the ballot box.

Early Voting is now underway across the great state of Texas for the nine Constitutional Amendments that are up for decision, and here in Houston, there is the election for Houston City offices, including Mayor, Controller, every council district and one at-large seat.

Please get informed and get to the polls.

In Harris County, you can Early Vote at any of the voting locations across the county, times and locations can be found here.

And don’t forget, this year in order to vote, you will need to provide a photo ID.

See you all the polls!

Is Houston Losing Its Business Touch?

Offered without commentary, but worth noting:

Houston has gotten used to being the hot city of the moment (both literally and figuratively). It’s been dominating national lists for a while now, particularly when it comes to jobs and business.

But Forbes Magazine is suddenly throwing some cold water on that notion.

Houston’s dropped all the way down to 25th on Forbes’ new rankings of The Best Places for Businesses and Careers.

Read the rest of the story here.

A Quick Note On Memorial Day

I just want to wish everyone, Houstonians, Texans and Americans alike, a very Happy Memorial Day. Many individuals fought as one and gave everything so that we could be free to debate ideas and pursue opportunities, without retribution. Take time to remember those individuals.

And to those who have served, thank you.