Hitting the Airwaves

Our radio ad can be heard throughout Harris County. Listen for yourself:

Thank you to all who helped us get on the air. We can increase our ad run between now and Tuesday’s election if you care to chip in $3, $5 or $21 (the price per ad spot). Visit our Donate page.

November Early Voting Begins!

Early Voting Texas Harris County

Early voting begins Monday morning across the state of Texas.

In Harris County, a registered voter can vote at any of the county’s 41 early voting locations. You can view the complete list here. The polls open at 8:30am, so please get out there and cast your ballot.

You will need to present an ID, so please take that with you. You know what else you should take with you? Friends, neighbors, co-workers…anyone registered to vote. Please be sure to suggest to them “Chris Carmona for Texas State Representative, District 148.”

Once you’ve voted, please tweet us at @CarmonaForTexas or tag us in a note on Facebook.

We also have lots of yard signs, each is in need of a nice home for the next 15 days. Please email us at info@ChrisCarmona.com to request a sign, or fill out the easy form on our website.

Thank you again for all you do!

Filing Day

As you know, yesterday I filed for State Representative, District 148. I wanted to share a few of the pictures from the filing process at the Harris County Republican Primary office. I was proud to share this day, this experience, with my two most trusted aides.

Chris Carmona for HD 148 filing
Reviewing the paperwork
Chris Carmona for HD 148 filing
Last minute advice from the bosses.












Chris Carmona for HD 148 filing
A little help getting on the board.
Chris Carmona for HD 148 filing
She wanted to help too.