Mentioned In CNN Story About YR National Convention

I was in Mobile, Alabama over the weekend for the Young Republican National Convention. Many national media outlets were on hand to report on the events taking place. CNN observed one of the panel sessions where I was a panelist. They captured one of my statements in this story:

‘An anti-, anti-, anti- image’

Many of the Latino Young Republicans — a small but notable group at the convention — talk about their membership with mixed feelings. On the one hand, they believe in the party’s small-government, faith-and-family principles. On the other, they bristle at some of the anti-immigrant talk within the party.

Texas YR official Chris Carmona made the point explicitly at one breakout session. Thanks to party members’ harsh words, Republicans are thought of in the Hispanic community as anti-immigrant, anti-family and anti-religious, he observes. “We have an anti-, anti-, anti- image of everything possible in the Hispanic community.”

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