Meet Chris

Harris County Attorney

Chris Carmona, a native Texan, grew up in Houston, Texas. Chris is the son of a grade school teacher and high school principal. Chris graduated from Westfield High School in Houston where he was one of the very few who was a member of the Sports, Band, and Debate programs.  After high school, Chris received his Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, with a heavy concentration in economic development from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, where he was also a part of a trial program that would have sent interns to the Middle East under a project designed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Unfortunately, a bombing on the US Embassy in Iraq cut short the program.

After college, Chris returned to Houston and became an Operations Manager with the Landry’s Restaurant Group. He then took a job with Continental Airlines as an Operations Manager, where he was able gain extensive experience in implementing Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing principles in the airline industry. As a result of Chris’ good work ethic and accomplishments, he was promoted to Continental’s Corporate Headquarters where he became a part of Continental’s a management team.

While working in corporate management with Continental Airlines, Chris also attended South Texas College of Law at night. He graduated ahead of schedule and successfully passed the Texas State Bar Exam on his first attempt, all while working full time to support his growing family.  While in law school, Chris interned at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and also participated in the South Texas College of Law Legal Clinic assisting clients with probate and family law matters.

Prior to entering private practice, Chris was the Attorney and Director of Dispute Resolution for the City of Houston Employee Union – HOPE, which gave Chris the inspiration to change the direction of Houston’s culture and also gave him extensive experience dealing within local and state governments.  Along with running the civil practice intensive The Carmona Firm, PLLC, Chris serves as outside counsel to numerous legal firms.  Chris is also a small business owner and partner in numerous entities across a variety of industries. When it comes to advocating for shared conservative principles, Chris Carmona does it with poise and passion.

In the summer of 2015, Chris was elected the national co-chairman of the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF).  In this role, he continued to grow and improve the image of the Republican party, while still keeping the core tenant of servant leadership at the forefront.  Chris has been featured on radio, television, and as a guest speaker across the country and internationally.

Chris has a passion for helping others as he continuously participates in initiatives and movements to help the underserved and sometimes helpless. This is not something that he recently started having a heart for, but something that has always been in his heart.  While in school in New York City in 2001, he experienced firsthand the tragic attack on the World Trade Center and was one of the first people to offer assistance and volunteer in the search, rescue, and recovery operations for the victims. With his family back in Houston worried about him, Chris knew that there were other families that were never going to see their loved one again, and he wanted to help where he could to provide assistance during such a traumatic time.

Chris has also been involved in numerous organizations that support children and families of domestic violence as well as underprivileged children. This is the essence of what Chris believes to be true, that community always comes first. The work Chris has done and continues to do has been featured by Opportunity Lives.  Chris has been on numerous local, state, and national panels regarding community engagement and effective outreach into broader demographics, including inner cities and urban areas.

Chris Carmona and daughters in the Heights

The Carmonas are avid sports fans of all Houston sports, through the ups and downs.  You can usually catch them at a sporting event or out in the neighborhoods participating in some event.


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