Make Presidents’ Day Meaningful For Our Children

Presidents Day

As I was giving thought to a few ideas to post for this Presidents’ Day, I decided to do a quick Google search. I was astonished when the first linked me to this entry, which began:

To some, the observance of Presidents’ Day in the United States goes very much unnoticed. Local newspapers splash ads of “President’s Day Sales!” and many get the day off from work. But have you ever stopped to think about this important day of recognition?

What an indictment of our culture, our society and our history (or lack thereof). So, this made my idea for a post a little simpler. I want to challenge each and every mom and dad out there to initiate some sort of discussion with their children on this Presidents’ Day. Quiz your kids. Tell them about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson or Ronald Reagan. Ask them if they understand why they have the day off from school (If they do have the day off, they may know why, but do they understand).

It is my hope that school teachers have talked to their students and taught them at least some of this. It is also my hope that in this one small way, we can re-engage with our children. Moms and dads will always be the best teachers about the real meaning of things. This is a good chance to put that to the test.

Talk with your children on Presidents’ Day.

I will do this with my daughters. Will you join me and talk to your kids?

Presidents’ Day image above from here.

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