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Economic Growth, Budgeting, Jobs

Increasing taxes on Texans is not an option. Likewise, fees disguised as taxes are also off the table. Texas has become an economic beacon by not imposing a state income tax, while also exercising fiscal responsibility when it comes to spending. Individuals and families are flocking to Texas because of our economic opportunities, and raising taxes and increasing regulations will only decrease this positive growth.

Instead, we should provide businesses with tax relief and reduce red tape so that employers can hire as many Texans as they can find. Texas should eliminate the margins tax. This tax is a job killer and as such, it absolutely hinders job growth in our state. Some of our opponents go out of their way to seek ways to hinder or even close businesses in Texas. This is a recipe for disaster.

Texas should adopt a Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) process. This budgeting method allows for greater transparency and it also opens up new avenues for community and neighborhood input into the affairs that affect them.


Parental Choice in Education

Our sons and daughters should not be limited in educational advancement simply because of economic conditions. For many in our communities, a great education is the only way out of poverty; it’s a first start toward achieving the American dream. This is especially true in some of our unempowered majority communities. I strongly support Parental Choice in Education. I believe choice and competition make our schools better and our communities stronger. Texas should offer parents Opportunity Scholarships so they can send their children to the schools they feel will best educate their children.

Parents who choose to home school should also be afforded that right and should be granted the needed access to materials, information and resources to make those parents effective as they endeavor to prepare their children for the world that awaits them.

CSCOPE also needs to be a thing of the past and should not be a part of the future of education in Texas. A privatized bureaucracy should not control the content of the education which our children receive. As a father of two school-aged daughters, I understand the importance of public education and correlating curriculum in assisting patents in educating our future global leaders.

Both my mom and dad are retired educators. I know the hard work and sacrifice they put into their jobs for many years, all for the betterment of society and future generations. Great teachers inspire dreams and ignite imaginations. I favor merit-based pay increases for teachers. Texas needs a realistic score matrix that can determine the best of the best. This measure would show us what value we’re getting, where we need improvement and where minor tweaks might lead to greater achievement.


Community Empowerment

Texas needs to do a better job of empowering communities. Texas is growing too big to be single-handedly managed by a state government. We always see in times of turmoil, that communities can act more quickly than the state or federal government. Whether it is a church, charity or neighborhood organization, local people are always “in the know” about how to best care for their communities.

We must find ways to allow our churches and charities to regain their respective seats at the table when it comes to community benevolence. Currently the government welfare system is moving at an exponential rate at which lawmakers cannot keep up with that type of spending. We cannot allow the government to trick those in need any further into believing they are the only solution. We must allow churches and charities back in to the neighborhoods and into the trenches of the communities.


Reduce Property Taxes

Texas should reduce property taxes for all property owners. It is time to reform the education funding method, which could be better accounted for via a consumption tax rather than the current funding formula.

Homeowners would not be the only beneficiaries of the reduction of the property tax. Renters at all levels would see a savings in their monthly rent, as the landlords that currently incorporate their property tax into the rental fee, those rental fees could then be reduced. This is a real savings for the hard working families that shoulder the tax burden of our state, and don’t even realize it. Those savings will often find their way back into the Texas economy.



As online technologies and tools like cloud-hosting get better and better, governments have started opening their books to the public. We need to encourage this trend to continue until we have complete transparency in state government.

We do not need to look any further than the national ObamaCare disaster, at a bill that gets written in the night when no one has time to read and understand the details. (That situation was made worse by Texas state legislators pressuring Congress to pass a bill that none of them had read.) And the Nancy Pelosi-type “we have to pass this bill in order to know what’s in it” statements need to be a thing of the past. Open and honest government is the way to go in the future.

The Texas government began to minimally implement Lean Six Sigma in 2011 as a result of a bill inspired by freshman State Representative, Raul Torres. This bill was a great way to start getting the state government to operate leaner. The state and many Texas cities need to keep a careful eye on the pension plans in place and the funding for those plans. Increasing transparency is a perfect way to make sure we avoid disasters like Detroit. As the only candidate that has extensive knowledge of lean production and Six Sigma, I will use that to ensure we are sill moving forward in eliminating non-value added waste at all levels.

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