Decision Day

Dear Supporters:

Thank you to all who have stood by me throughout the last few years in my pursuit to make Houston a better place not only to do business in, but also a place where we can raise a family in peace and with confidence.  I do not believe that there is a neighborhood in this city that I have not touched in some way, or where I have heard and discussed your concerns.  Today’s decision was not an easy one, but one that took some time to actually accept.

I have decided not to run for Houston City Council At-Large Position 3 this year.  Although we still feel, as do others, that I am the most qualified candidate and would do the best job advocating for and bringing improvements to the people of the City of Houston, with the current make up of the field of candidates, it has become apparent that more bad than good would have come from this race.  I have never shied away from my conservative political views, nor have a I shied away from my ability to bring people together.  I am refocusing my efforts to ensure that there is a conservative party that can survive the current attack by the left-leaning media and special interest groups.  Sometimes a person is stronger on the outside looking in to be able to make positive change.  I do not need to be fulfilled in life by running for Council or holding office, but if through my fulfillment of accomplishment I attain office, then I shall accept and represent the people. As always, I believe community comes first.

My main focus at this point is to continue to build and grow the Law Office of Chris Carmona and the Republican Party, both to ensure that justice is preserved when fought for and because without the fight against wavering principles, then justice, both social and economical, will continue to be disserved by those who we elect. I invite you to sign-up to stay informed with what is next for me and our movement.

I wish the candidates in this year’s race much success, and pray that the victor adhere to their principles.



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