It’s Time to Win Again

Just moments ago, I filed to be the next Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party. The process of coming to this decision has come after months of discussion about the future of our party and after years of leading in various capacities both at the local and national level.

Chris Carmona Files for Harris County Republican Party Chairman 2017 2018

The time is now to prepare for 2018 and 2020 and beyond. Harris County Republicans need to win again. We need to stand for something, and we need to unify and communicate that to the people of Harris County. I hope you will join me in this effort.

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Podcast Discussion on Texas Bullet Train

I was glad to join my friend Vlad Davidiuk and The American Chronicles Podcast to discuss issues related to the Texas Bullet Train. I think you will enjoy this, so please listen and share.

The American Chronicles Podcast April 2017

Op-ed: A Better Way for America’s Economy

Chris Carmona Dennis Cook Better Way

YRNF Chairman Dennis Cook and I have written an op-ed this week looking at the overall economy in America. The Republican party is offering a full economic agenda, much of which is encompassed in the Better Way agenda. Dennis Cook and I are launching an effort in coordination with the YRNF to make sure people are hearing about our positive agenda.

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RNC 2016 – Day 4

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RNC 2016 – Day 1

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Guest on The American Chronicles Podcast

The American Chronicles podcast

I was recently a guest on The American Chronicles Podcast with host Vladimir Davidiuk. I hope you will listen, share, comment or otherwise offer feedback.

Find the original show posting: Chris Carmona for Harris County Attorney

Profile featured at Opportunity Lives

I hope you will take a look at this recent article about my work within the Republican party and with the Young Dream Changers featured this week at Opportunity Lives.

Chris Carmona Opportunity Lives 2015

Excerpt of article:

Carmona calls on Young Republicans in particular who one day aspire to run for office. “Compelling causes is what we live about,” he said. “It’s not enough that we want to win, but to be worthy of winning. Leadership is when you embody the community you want to represent. Are you embodying the ideals of the people around you? Do you have skin in the game? Do you invest of your time? Are you becoming worthy of winning, not just for elections, but winning the hearts and minds of the people you promised to represent and bring to a brighter future to?”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a candidate or a block walker,” Carmona explained. “You are selling a brand, and it is upheld by servant leadership.”

The Young Dream Changers is just one example of an organization having a great and good impact on its community. Since the program began, many of the kids have completely cut ties with gang culture. In fact, the program has had to add more qualifiers for kids to stay involved or join. Now students need to maintain past commitments and add more community service so they can stay in the program.

Carmona encourages others to get involved in programs like the Young Dream Changers. “The takeaway for Republicans young or old: get involved, stay involved, to protect our communities and make sure we are again servant leaders,” he said.

Please read the entire post here.

The Tally

Here is a tweet showing the final tally in my race to become National Co-Chairman on the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF). To the 393 that voted for me, thank you. To the people that voted for my opponent, I hope to earn your respect and future support. We have a great many things we can and will accomplish together.