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Welcome to Carmona For Texas -

Profile featured at Opportunity Lives

I hope you will take a look at this recent article about my work within the Republican party and with the Young Dream Changers featured this week at Opportunity Lives.

Chris Carmona Opportunity Lives 2015

Excerpt of article:

Carmona calls on Young Republicans in particular who one day aspire to run for office. “Compelling causes is what we live about,” he said. “It’s not enough that we want to win, but to be worthy of winning. Leadership is when you embody the community you want to represent. Are you embodying the ideals of the people around you? Do you have skin in the game? Do you invest of your time? Are you becoming worthy of winning, not just for elections, but winning the hearts and minds of the people you promised to represent and bring to a brighter future to?”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a candidate or a block walker,” Carmona explained. “You are selling a brand, and it is upheld by servant leadership.”

The Young Dream Changers is just one example of an organization having a great and good impact on its community. Since the program began, many of the kids have completely cut ties with gang culture. In fact, the program has had to add more qualifiers for kids to stay involved or join. Now students need to maintain past commitments and add more community service so they can stay in the program.

Carmona encourages others to get involved in programs like the Young Dream Changers. “The takeaway for Republicans young or old: get involved, stay involved, to protect our communities and make sure we are again servant leaders,” he said.

Please read the entire post here.

The Tally

Here is a tweet showing the final tally in my race to become National Co-Chairman on the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF). To the 393 that voted for me, thank you. To the people that voted for my opponent, I hope to earn your respect and future support. We have a great many things we can and will accomplish together.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Carmona’s have a lot to be thankful for this year. We made many new friends this year, and that has helped make this year great. To all of you and your families, we wish you the best and look forward to many more years.
Happy Thanksgiving.

November Early Voting Begins!

Early Voting Texas Harris County

Early voting begins Monday morning across the state of Texas.

In Harris County, a registered voter can vote at any of the county’s 41 early voting locations. You can view the complete list here. The polls open at 8:30am, so please get out there and cast your ballot.

You will need to present an ID, so please take that with you. You know what else you should take with you? Friends, neighbors, co-workers…anyone registered to vote. Please be sure to suggest to them “Chris Carmona for Texas State Representative, District 148.”

Once you’ve voted, please tweet us at @CarmonaForTexas or tag us in a note on Facebook.

We also have lots of yard signs, each is in need of a nice home for the next 15 days. Please email us at info@ChrisCarmona.com to request a sign, or fill out the easy form on our website.

Thank you again for all you do!

Great Local Events This Weekend

Today’s Heights Community Extra features a couple of interesting events taking place in our community this weekend, with the Pumpkin Paradise (pumpkin patch) lasting until October 31. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend, so if you’re not out walking with us and visiting our neighbors, please consider attending these events. And don’t forget to wear your Chris Carmona for State Rep t-shirt!

GUMC Pumpkin Paradise

SMUMC Fall Festival

Labor Day 2014

WorkFaith Connection banner

Labor Day has arrived.

Many children are back in school already, the rest of them go back tomorrow.

I wanted to just take a moment to tell you about some great work taking place in our community. While the national economy lags and Texas helps lead the way, there is still no disputing the facts that we are being taxed more, regulated more, taking home less and some families are still suffering and hurting.

But, there are bright spots.

Last week, I once again visited one of the outstanding organizations doing great work in our community. WorkFaith Connection is located on 290 just outside Loop 610. I kicked-off my Labor Day weekend by attending their bi-weekly Friday afternoon graduation ceremonies. They ask for citizen participation for 75 minutes every other week. They just want people to show up and show support for their graduating classes. The ceremonies are short, filled with much joy, and even a little music. There is always a strong message shared with the people graduating.

The people that go to WorkFaith Connection do so to learn about work. They learn about themselves first, many are broken and dealing with that aspect of their lives is a prerequisite for healing and moving forward. The attendees learn about the job interview process and about resume writing. They learn effective ways to write out their job applications. Not every mistake in life is a dead-end, and the students at WorkFaith Connection learn this.

WorkFaith Connection is a private sector solution to a very public problem. it is but one example of a local entity helping improve our community and ultimately our country. Good work habits can be hard to learn, especially if you grow up never seeing them or if you are never taught them. From a policy perspective, this is the type of organization that at a state and federal level, we should be helping. Even if that just means taking down a few roadblocks and reducing some red tape to allow organizations like this to expand and reach more people in need of their invaluable service. Instead, we have some politicians working on feel-good policies that ultimately won’t create jobs or begin to stimulate the economy so that our struggling families can pursue their American Dream.

On this Labor Day, think about all those struggling Americans who pound the pavement every day looking for that one opportunity. Any one factor can be the difference between, “you’re hired, when can you begin?” and “I’m sorry, we don’t have anything to offer you right now.” We have friends and neighbors right here in our own backyard, in District 148 and beyond, struggling to make it month-to-month or week-to-week. Often times we have the answer(s) right before us, right in our communities. What more can we do to offer a hand-up, without hurting or hindering people?

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read this. I hope you have a safe holiday.

Chris Carmona WorkFaith Connection

Visiting with a WorkFaith Connection staff member.

“Keep Texas Red” Back to School Drive In Spring Branch

This past weekend, we took part in the “Keep Texas Red” Back to School Drive in Spring Branch in cooperation with a thriving church in the Hispanic community. This was not the first time we’ve done something like this, but it was the most recent and days like this remind me of this compelling cause we’re fighting for. I discussed opportunity and the possibilities that await people with a solid education. Hopefully I made a difference.

Chris Carmona with Families in Spring Branch

I really enjoyed this opportunity to talk with, inspire, and mentor this children as they head back to school.

Chris Carmona Back to School Drive


Chris Carmona talking with kids in Spring Branch

Check out our Facebook album from the event for more photos.